Mother’s Day Collection 2013


Celebrate Mother’s Day by giving your most loved one a J’s Bakery Love Basket or Plexi Gift box filled with reduced fat treats, truffles, custom cookies and fresh flowers.


The Mother’s Day Love Basket is available in green and purple and is filled with reduced fat strawberry cheesecake cupcakes, strawberries dipped in chocolate and cheesecake truffles, love bites, custom cookies, homemade granola, mixed chips and a bouquet of fresh flowers 


The handmade plexigift box is filled with an assortment of love bites, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and cheesecake truffles and adorned with fresh flowers.


The Plexigift box is also available with a mix of our favorite treats.. brownie balls, oreo balls, cripsy balls and dulche truffles adorned with an arrangement of fresh flowers.



Finally our New Confection Can is available to be filled with your favorite baked goods and small bouquet of fresh flowers..

Call 25350640 or 66346446 or pop by the Bakery in Surra area 6, street 11 Mubarak Center to place your order to ensure early delivery..







J’s Bakery Valentine’s Heartbeat Collection 2013


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our Heartbeat Collection of handmade gift baskets and plexi boxes filled with your favortie treats and some new surprises, custom heart cookies and fresh flowers!



Heartbeat Plexigift Box in Red and Pink, filled with mini Red Velvet and Retro cupcakes 35KD

 or Cheesecake Brownies and handmade milk chocolate truffles decorated with fresh flowers or heart cake pops 37.5KD


The Love Basket handmade wood basket with trio heart cut out filled with mini cheesecake brownies, stuffed brownie chocolate chip cookie, mini nutella trifle, custom heart sugar cookies, mini retro and redvelvet cupcake. Decorated with silk paper and ribbons with a bouquet of fresh flowers 40KD

The Love Basket is available in Pink and Red..

Customize your sugar cookies with special msgs for loved ones.. lovely as a giveaway or part of a special gift …

Pre-order your Valentines packages asap to ensure early delivery..

Call 25350640 or 66346446 or pop by the bakery in Surra Area 6 street 11 Mubarak Center..



New Custom Cakes

Its been a while since we posted custom cakes of the week photos.. We’ve been so busy at the bakery working on different celebration items and holiday treats.. 

At J’s Bakery we love turning your creative ideas into edible creation.. Thank you for making J’s Bakery part of your special day

I PHONE Cake.. we love it!


Barbie Cake


Crown Cake


NYC Taxi cake


A Collage of some of our favorite custom cakes



To order your custom cakes or cupcakes call 25350640/ 66346446 or pop by the bakery in Surra area 6 street 11 mubarak center or email us at








Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday 2012

The J’s Bakery Team would love to wish you all a Merry Christmass full of love and prosperity.. 

 Share some Christmas Cheer with your loved one.. check out our custom christmass cookies, gift basket and plexi boxes!



Custom Sugar Cookies in festive Christmass shapes and colors, individually packed! a lovely stocking stuffer or party giveaway.


Customized giveaway bags filled with our sugar cookies and customer’s candy cane and christmass chocolate.




Call to order 25350640 or 66346446






Eid al Adha 2012

Eid Mubarak..




Celebrate with family and friends with our custom plexi boxes for eid and hajj.. filled with our favorite balls and our new Retro Cake bars..which is also availabe in cake size with decorated with fresh flowers..

The Retro cake is our popular chocolate cake topped off with creamy chocolate frosting that will surely bring back ur childhood memories from birthdays past.






New Fall Flavors

Introducing new fall flavors.. we decided to expand our snack menu with new munchies.. hand cut hand fried beetroot, sweet potato and potato chips.. lightly fried in sunflower oil and topped off with a dash of sea salt.




Our fall custom basket which is perfect as a halloween party gift.. is filled with our new flavors.. and a bouquet of fresh flowers..



We also love our home made granola.. baked oats, sunflower, sesame seeds and almonds lightly sweetened with honey.. its the perfect breakfast or snack on the go.. just add ur favorite dried fruits, flax seeds and ur choice of yoghurt or milk..


Finally, the perfect ending to your festive feasts this fall season.. reduced fat pumpkin cheesecake bars.. creamy with a touch of cinnamon.. perfect for the holiday season.



Call 25350640 or pop by to get our latest snacks..





Halloween Collection 2012

Celebrate Halloween with our new collection of spooky treats in fun packages..

Our Halloween customized gift basket is the perfect party gift filled with our new fall flavors of reduced fat treats and custom halloween cookies and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Or try one of our scarey graveyard packages filled with RIP mud cakes, custom cookies or mummy cake pops!



Pre-Order now to ensure early delivery.. Call 25350640 or 66346446 or pop by Surra Area 6, Street 11 Mubarak Center.. 



J’s Bakery Eid Collection 2012

This Eid we are proud to introduce a new collection of treats packaged in our favorite colors lilac and green…

We are debuting new flavors and ingredients like pistachio and rose water.. a lovely, aromatic combination just in time for Eid.. perfect for new beginings and family gatherings..


Our handmade Plexi gift boxes are filled with pistachio brownie balls, pistachio magic bars and pistachio and rose water cupcakes topped with light cream cheese frosting. Our plexi boxes include your choice 4 fresh flowers in the center  or  4 cake pops, adorned with ribbons and beads.

Eid Plexibox with Cake pops.


Eid Plexibox with flowers


Our handmade wood giftbox are filled with 1dz Pistachio rosewater cupcakes, 0.5kg Pistachio brownie balls and one box of Pistachio Magic bars.. 2 bags of home made potato and and sweet potato chips.. and customized eid cookies.. Our baskets are decorated with silk paper, ribbons and a bouquet fresh flowers.
 Up close..
New at J’s is our home made hand cut potato and sweet potato chips.. we find they are a nice snack addition to our sweet eid boxes and they will be available soon at the bakery for walk in customers

Please check out our previous posts for more details about new eid products and our new family size trifle trio. Remember if your not a fan of pistachio we can always custom fill our Eid packaging with your favorite reduced fat treats..

Please Pre-order to ensure early delivery by calling 25350640 and 66346446 or pop by Surra Area 6 street 11 Mubarak Center.



J’s Bakery Eid Collection 2012 details

We are excited to introduce new Eid items at J’s.. 

The new collection this year is features the fragrant and colorfull combination of pistachio and rosewater.. we thought the pairing to be  fitting for new beginings which essential represents Eid as is the beautiful green color that presents prospertity and growth.. 

Pistachio and Rose water cupcake: Pistachio rosewater cake topped with light cream cheese sprinkled with chopped pistachios.


Pistachio Magic Bars; Layers of biscuits, pistachio and pistachio chocolate ganche with a hint of rose water.. tastes just as beautiful as it looks.


After much demand from our loyal customers and the success of our Ramadan Trio Trifle box we decided to introduce family size glass bowls of the Nutella trifle, Banoffee trifle and Red velvet trifle.


We really love our new Home made potato chips and sweet potato chips.. a great addition to the growing snacks options in our menu.. hand cut and fried in sunflower oil and sprinkled with sea salt.. 

Sweet Potato Chips


Potato Chips



Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Eid holiday filled with peace,love and prosperity..


To pre-order call us at 25350640 / 66346446 or pop by surra area 6, street 11 Mubarak center