Mother’s Day Collection 2013


Celebrate Mother’s Day by giving your most loved one a J’s Bakery Love Basket or Plexi Gift box filled with reduced fat treats, truffles, custom cookies and fresh flowers.


The Mother’s Day Love Basket is available in green and purple and is filled with reduced fat strawberry cheesecake cupcakes, strawberries dipped in chocolate and cheesecake truffles, love bites, custom cookies, homemade granola, mixed chips and a bouquet of fresh flowers 


The handmade plexigift box is filled with an assortment of love bites, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and cheesecake truffles and adorned with fresh flowers.


The Plexigift box is also available with a mix of our favorite treats.. brownie balls, oreo balls, cripsy balls and dulche truffles adorned with an arrangement of fresh flowers.



Finally our New Confection Can is available to be filled with your favorite baked goods and small bouquet of fresh flowers..

Call 25350640 or 66346446 or pop by the Bakery in Surra area 6, street 11 Mubarak Center to place your order to ensure early delivery..







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