J’s Bakery Valentine’s Heartbeat Collection 2013


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our Heartbeat Collection of handmade gift baskets and plexi boxes filled with your favortie treats and some new surprises, custom heart cookies and fresh flowers!



Heartbeat Plexigift Box in Red and Pink, filled with mini Red Velvet and Retro cupcakes 35KD

 or Cheesecake Brownies and handmade milk chocolate truffles decorated with fresh flowers or heart cake pops 37.5KD


The Love Basket handmade wood basket with trio heart cut out filled with mini cheesecake brownies, stuffed brownie chocolate chip cookie, mini nutella trifle, custom heart sugar cookies, mini retro and redvelvet cupcake. Decorated with silk paper and ribbons with a bouquet of fresh flowers 40KD

The Love Basket is available in Pink and Red..

Customize your sugar cookies with special msgs for loved ones.. lovely as a giveaway or part of a special gift …

Pre-order your Valentines packages asap to ensure early delivery..

Call 25350640 or 66346446 or pop by the bakery in Surra Area 6 street 11 Mubarak Center..



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