Eid Al Watani Treats


Eid Al Watani is just around the cornor and we have some fun, festive ideas ..

Some Kuwait flag sugar cookies in both the old style flag and the current one.. in traditional Rectangle or heart shape. Flag sugar cookies can also be done with sticks too..

Customzied cupcakes with flag motif can be done, again in the old style flag and current one.

Finally, as with every event we have Gift Baskets and Plexi Gift Boxes in our flag colors available filled with your favortie treats..

A great way to celebrate the upcoming holiday.


Gift Basket with a different flags on each side,  your favorite treats and a bouquet of fresh flowers..


Plexi Gift box can be customized to order with whatever contents you would like.

Call Now to Pre-Order your Eid Al Watani Cookies, Cupcake and Gift Boxes for school celebrations or family gatherings..

Call 25350640 – 66346446 or pop by the bakery at Surra area 6, Street 11 Mubarak Center.


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